Adopt a Working Cat

Help stop the overpopulation and endless suffering of cats and kittens in North Carolina by giving a safe home to a working cat!

Minny to the Rescue works hard to return all feral cats in our program back to their original home, but sometimes that isn't the safest option for them-- that's where you come in! By adopting a working barn cat for your home, farm or business, you are providing a much needed safe space to a cat that otherwise wouldn't have that. They benefit your homestead by helping with pest control, and of course providing companionship!

Working cats are available on a case by case basis-- we are not able to pull the cats from their location until we have a safe space lined up for them. Upon submission of your application, if approved we will setup transfer of a minimum of two available cats into your care (trust us, they will do better in pairs)!

The following minimum requirements apply:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.

  • You must live within 4 hours driving distance of southwest Florida (we can transport!)

  • You must sign our "Adopt a Working Cat" contract

  • Keep the cats secure for 2 weeks while they adjust

  • Have a safe, outdoor space with shelter away from a busy road for the cats to live

There is no adoption fee requirement, all cats come with the following:

  • Spay (female) or Neuter (male)

  • Basic health evaluation by veterinarian

  • Rabies Vaccine