Foster Information

Please understand-- This is a preliminary interest form to be sure you meet some minimum qualifications, and does not guarantee your participation in our foster program.

Your level of expertise alone does not disqualify (or qualify) you to become a foster family! If we feel you are a potentially good fit for our organization based on this application and an interview, we will work with you moving forward to find your best fit in our foster program.

Ready to foster?!

Minimum qualifications...

  • All furry friends of age in your home must be spayed/neutered.

  • All pets must be up to date on appropriate vaccinations.

  • You must live within 1 hour of southwest Florida, and have reliable transportation.

  • You must have a safe space indoors to quarantine fosters away from other pets (small spaces are fine!)

  • You must sign our foster family contract and agree to our terms and conditions

  • Own your property or have explicit permission from your landlord to foster

Minimum duties (include but are not limited to)...

  • House 1-2+ cats/kittens indoors in your home, separate from other pets

  • Daily observation of and socialization with all foster animals

  • Administration of basic oral medications

  • Ability to transport to the vet in case of emergency (we cover all approved veterinary care)

  • Preference given to fosters with ability to transport to pre-scheduled. regular vet visits (Spay, etc)