Note: Physical intake is currently CLOSED. Please only fill out a surrender request form if you intend to foster the animal you are surrendering through to adoption!

Surrender an animal to MTTR

Please click the link and fill out our Surrender Request Form to apply to surrender an animal 

to our organization-- cats, kittens/litters, farm animals-- owned or stray animals etc.

If you are unsure if your animal qualifies for surrender, go ahead and fill out the form (to the best of your ability) for the quickest response. 

Minny to the Rescue accepts surrendered animals on a case-by-case basis. We have limited space and limited resources—we reserve the right to refuse any animal at any time. The vast majority of animals we accept are cats and kittens, though we do have limited space for small farm animals—again on a case-by-case basis. 

We DO NOT have the capacity to accept dogs. 

We request a donation of $50 each for each owned adult pet cats surrendered, and a $20 donation for all owned pet kittens surrendered (under 4 months old). Please understand that this donation does not begin to cover the cost of putting an animal through our adoption program, and that we cannot operate without monetary donations. Keep in mind that monetary donations, donation of supplies, and your willingness/ability to foster increase the chances we are able to take on your case.

The following form is only an application to admit an animal(s) to our rescue and does not guarantee acceptance into our adoption program. We give first priority to readily adoptable animals, litters of kittens, and those with immediate but manageable medical needs. 

**Please be aware that by FL law, a 3-day hold will be placed on all stray animals before admittance into our program if you cannot prove ownership**