TNR Assistance

**This program is NOT for owned pet cats or those that the requester intends to adopt as an indoor pet, or rehome following TNR (unless we explicitly approve).**

On behalf of the community cats in your area, THANK YOU for reaching out for assistance! If you know of a community of cats in need of humane population control and/or veterinary care in southwest Florida, you have come to the right place. TNR stands for Trap, Neuter and Return-- the goal is to stop the cycle of cat overpopulation in order to prevent the endless breeding and subsequent suffering of cats living outdoors in your community.

Through our TNR program, we aim to trap, neuter, and vaccinate all cats in the colony, provide medical care for those in immediate need, and RETURN them to the location they came from.

We also do our best to rescue, socialize, and rehome all kittens and/or cats in the colony who are eligible for adoption. (Socialization eligibility is determined on a case by case basis when our resources allow).

PLEASE be aware-- the end goal of TNR is always to return the cats to their colony. This is not a solution for permanently removing the cats. If for some reason it is grossly unsafe for the cats to return to their home, relocation will be discussed on a case by case, limited basis.

**Understand that our time and resources are limited. We take on new requests at our own discretion and hold the right to deny TNR services at any time.**